e-mail: makarenko@hep.by
Laboratory: Fundamental interactions lab.


1. ALHEP: symbolic algebra for high energy physics

2. Event generator for processes used for luminosity measurement at ZEUS.

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1. T.Haas, V.Makarenko, Precision calculation of processes used for luminosity measurement at the ZEUS // Eur.Phys.J. C71 (2011) 1574 (pdf).
2. V. Makarenko, ALHEP symbolic algebra program for high-energy physics / preprint arXiv:0704.1839 [hep-ph] (pdf).
3. V.V.Makarenko, T.V.Shishkina, The Finite mass calculations for gamma gamma —> l+ l- gamma process // preprint hep-ph/0310104 (pdf).
4. V.Makarenko, K.Moenig, T.Shishkina, Measuring the luminosity of a gamma gamma collider with gamma gamma —> l+ l- gamma events // Eur.Phys.J. C32S1 (2003) 143-150 (pdf).
5. T.V. Shishkina, V.V. Makarenko, The Investigation of spin effects in photon production with fermion pair in gamma gamma collisions // preprint hep-ph/0212409 (pdf).

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