?i???i???i????Ni???i??Ni????Ni????N? ?i?????i???????? Ni???i??N?Ni????Ni?? (Laboratory of Particle Physics)

?i???i???i????Ni???i??Ni????Ni????N? Ni?????i???????? Ni???i??N?Ni????Ni?? ???i?? N??i????Ni???i?? ?????? ???Y ?i???i????

Head of Laboratory: I. Emeliantchik (?i?????i???i??N?N???Ni?????? ??????Ni??N? ?i???i??????Ni????????Ni??)

A. Litomin (?i????Ni?????????? ???i???i????N??i??????Ni?? ?i???i??N????i??N??i??????Ni??)

V. Shevtsov (???i????Ni?????? ?i????Ni???i???i?????? ?i???i???i???i????Ni????????????Ni??)

K. Afanasiev (??Ni???i?????i??N?N??i???? ?s????N?Ni???i????Ni??????)

A. Ignatenko (???????i??Ni???i???????? ???i???i????N??i??????Ni??)


Tel. 2-94-13-68 Ai??Minsk.

Our laboratory actively participates in the main project of modern fundamental physics ai??i?? Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Acquisition of new knowledge is impossible without empirical data, so detectors are (at least) as important, as theoretical models (like Higgs boson, SUSY etc.). Our traditional area of responsibility is hadron calorimeter of detector CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) ai??i?? one of two main detectors of Large Hadron Collider. Absorber of calorimeter endcaps was designed in our laboratory, produced in Minsk (at MZOR), and installed in CMS by our specialists. Calorimeter works stably now, but, with plans to increase LHC luminosity above design level, the problem of radiation overload is arising. So we are researching now possibilities to increase radiation hardness of the most overloaded areas of the calorimeter. Latest results of our work were reported at international CMS Workshop ai???Perspectives on Physics and on CMS at Very High Luminosity, HL-LHCai???, Ukraine, Alushta, 2012, May 28 -31.

Our second area of interest is monocrystalline diamond detectors. Monocrystalline detectors have some advantages over polycrystalline ones (which are widely researched over the world), due to absence of intercrystalline borders. Besides that, there is industrial plant in Minsk, producing synthetic diamonds. It is equipped with unique split-sphere apparatuses, implementing most progressive diamond synthesis technology. We are testing diamonds, synthesized by this plant, as radiation detectors, and developing methods of selection of most suitable crystals. We are also working in collaboration with industrial specialists, trying to modify existing technology with aim of enhancing detection efficiency.

We are interested also in scintillating crystals for electromagnetic calorimetry. We are working currently with LYSO crystals. These crystals have many different applications, but strong axial nonregularityAi?? of scintillations, typical for them, impedes their use in calorimeters. We are trying to resolve this problem.

Afanaciev, K. Response of LYSO:Ce scintillation crystals to low energy gamma-rays / K.Ai??Afanaciev, A. Artikov, V. Baranov, M. Batouritski, J. Budagov, Yu. Davydov, I.Ai??Emeliantchik, A. Fedorov, V. Glagolev, M. Korzhik, Kozlov, V. Mechinsky, A.Ai??Simonenko, A. Shalyugin, V. Shevtsov,V. Tereschenko, Z. Usubov // Preprint E13-2013-141 Dubna, 2013, pp. 1ai??i??11.

S.V. Afanasiev, P. de Barbaro, I.A. Golutvin, I.F. Emeliantchik, A.I. Malakhov, P.V. Moisenz , V.A. Smirnov, N.M. Shumeiko. Ai??Improvement of radiation hardness of the sampling calorimeters based on plastic scintillators. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 717 (2013) 11ai??i??13.


S.V. Afanasiev, I.F. Emeliantchik, I.A. Golutvin, L.G. Levchuk, A.V. Litomin, A.M. Makankin, A.I. Malakhov, P.V. Moisenz, N.M. Shumeiko, V.A. Smirnov, S.E. Vasiliev. An improvement of a radiation hardness of the CMS Hadron Endcap Calorimeters under increased LHC luminosity. CMS NOTE -2012/002.


S.V. Afanasiev, P. de Barbaro, A.Yu. Boyarintsev, I.F. Emeliantchik, I.A. Golutvin, B.V. Grinyov, Yu.V. Ershov, L.G. Levchuk, A.V. Litomin, A.I. Malakhov, P.V. Moisenz, V.F. Popov, N.M. Shumeiko, V.A. Smirnov, P.V. Sorokin, P.N. Zhmurin. HE upgrade beyond phase 1. Finger scintillator option. CMS NOTE -2014/001



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  5. ?i???i???i??Ni???i???i????Ni?????i?? ??Ni????Ni????Ni???????i?? ???i??Ni???i????Ni????Ni???i?? ?????????i????Ni??N?NZNi???i?????? ???i???i??N?Ni???i??????N? N? ??????Ni??N??i?????????? N?Ni??Ni???i????Ni??????????N?Ni??N?NZ N??i????Ni???i?? ?i???i??Ni??N????i?? ???i?? ??N????????i?? N?????Ni???i??Ni????Ni???i??N?????Ni?? ??????????Ni????N?Ni???i???i???i?????? ?i???i?????i???i???i??

  1. Development of methods of crystal selection on the base of analysis of transparency and luminescence spectra.
  2. Research of the influence of catalytic environment of diamond synthesis and the mode of its consequential thermobaric processing on the main parameters of quality of diamond detector.
  3. Development and comparative research of detectors on the base of monocrystalline and CVD diamond for the forward calorimetry of the International Linear Collider.
  4. Research and development of diamond detectors of charged particles for colliders of next generation.
  5. Development of the prototype of diamond detector with increased charge collection efficiency.

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