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6.17 Organization of header files

The header files which R installs are in directory `R_INCLUDE_DIR' (default `R_HOME/include'). This currently includes


includes many other files


different version for code ported from S


definitions for using R's internal structures


macros for an S-like interface to the above


standalone math library


R version information


for add-on front-ends (Unix-alikes only)


for add-on front-ends


optimization and integration


C definitions for BLAS routines


C (and R function) top-level task handlers


X11Image interface used by package trkplot


C definitions for some LAPACK routines


C definitions for some LINPACK routines, not all of which are included in R


a small part of R's parse interface



needed to register compiled code in packages


interface to internal method of download.file


interface to iconv


for add-on front-ends


definitions controlling visibility


for add-on front-ends and for packages that need to share in the R event loops (on all platforms)

The following headers are included by `R.h':


configuration info that is made available


handling for NAs, NaNs, Inf/-Inf




C typedefs for R's complex




error handling


memory allocation


Rprintf and variations.


random number generation


definitions common to `R.h' and `S.h', including F77_CALL etc.


sorting and other utilities


definitions for exports from `R.dll' on Windows.

The graphics systems are exposed in headers `R_ext/GraphicsEngine.h', `R_ext/GraphicsDevice.h' (which it includes) and `R_ext/QuartzDevice.h'. Some entry points from the stats package are in `R_ext/stats_package.h' (currently related to the internals of nls and nlminb).

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