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2. Installing R under Unix-alikes

R will configure and build under most common Unix and Unix-alike platforms including `cpu-*-linux-gnu' for the `alpha', `arm', `hppa', `ix86', `ia64', `m68k', `mips', `mipsel', `powerpc', `s390', `sparc', and `x86_64' CPUs, `i386-apple-darwin', `x86_64-apple-darwin', `i386-sun-solaris', `sparc-sun-solaris', `x86_64-*-freebsd', and `powerpc-ibm-aix6*' as well as perhaps (it is tested less frequently on these platforms) `powerpc-apple-darwin', `i386-*-freebsd', `i386-*-netbsd' and `i386-*-openbsd'.

In addition, binary distributions are available for some common Linux distributions and for OS X (formerly Mac OS). See the FAQ for current details. These are installed in platform-specific ways, so for the rest of this chapter we consider only building from the sources.

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