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12.17 warnings

The warnings module allows to regularly build a package with more GCC warnings than the default warnings emitted by GCC.

It provides the following functionality:

To use this module, you need the following:

  1. In, use for example
              gl_WARN_ADD([-Wall], [WARN_CFLAGS])
              gl_WARN_ADD([-Wpointer-arith], [WARN_CFLAGS])
  2. In the directories which shall use WARN_CFLAGS, use it in the definition of AM_CFLAGS, like this:
              AM_CFLAGS = $(WARN_CFLAGS)

    Note that the AM_CFLAGS is used in combination with CFLAGS and before CFLAGS in build rules emitted by Automake. This allows the user to provide CFLAGS that override the WARN_CFLAGS.

Note that it is a bad idea to use ‘gl_WARN_ADD([-Werror])’. The warnings emitted by GCC depend, to some extent, on the contents of the system header files, on the size and signedness of built-in types, etc. Use of ‘-Werror’ would cause frustration to all users on platforms that the maintainer has not tested before the release. It is better if maintainers use ‘-Werror’ only for themselves (for example, during ‘make distcheck’, as mentioned above).