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5.9 Build robot for gnulib

To simplify testing on a wide set of platforms, gnulib is built on many platforms every day and the results are uploaded to:

If you wish to help the gnulib development effort with build logs for your favorite platform, you may perform these steps:

  1. Create gnulib directory

    On a machine with recent automake, autoconf, m4 installed and with a gnulib git or cvs checkout (typically a Linux machine), use

              gnulib-tool --create-megatestdir --with-tests --dir=...

    Note: The created directory uses ca. 512 MB on disk.

  2. Transfer gnulib directory

    Transfer this directory to a build machine (HP-UX, Cygwin, or whatever). Often it is easier to transfer one file, and this can be achieved by running, inside the directory the following commands:

              make dist

    And then transferring the dummy-0.tar.gz file.

  3. Build modules

    On the build machine, run ./do-autobuild (or "nohup ./do-autobuild"). It creates a directory 'logs/' with a log file for each module.

  4. Submit build logs

    Submit each log file to Simon's site, either through a

              mail `echo | sed -e s/__at__/@/`

    or through netcat

              autobuild-submit logs/*