9. Other Resources

9.1. Literature

Home Power Magazine, of course. My favorite source of inspiration.

9.2. Sources of Supplies

Real Goods is the largest, and one of the oldest renewable suppliers around. A few years ago they merged with my local supplier, Jade Mountain.

Outback Power Systems makes inverters and other power system components. I use their MX60 60 Amp charge controller because it takes 48 VDC input, and puts out 24VDC.

Trace Engineering has been the standard in inverters for many years.

RV Products makes charge controllers.

Bergey makes the best and most reliable wind generators.

World Power Technologies makes the Whisperlight series of wind generators.

Vanner Inc.

Honda Generators Other than cars, Honda is know for it's generators.

Telemobile makes dedicated wireless phone systems that are good enough to support a dial up modem connection.I have a Ptel system installed.

Rolls/Surette Batteries Rolls Battery makes large household sized batteries with a ling lifespan and easy maintainance.

Trojan Battery makes batteries that have long been the standard for off-grid houses.

Dankoff imports several different types of water pumps for all sizes and budgets.

Evergreen Solar makes photovoltaic panels in a very different way which is more environmentally friendly than most manufacturers.

Uni-Rac makes really nice racks for mounting solar panels too. I've also built my owm racks out of wood or metal, but the Uni-Rac's made this project much easier and were worth the money.

SunFrost makes very energy efficient DC freezers and refridgeraters.

9.3. Web Sites