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GNU `gettext' utilities

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GNU gettext utilities

This manual documents the GNU gettext tools and the GNU libintl library, version 0.18.

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The User's View

Setting the POSIX Locale

Preparing Program Sources

Making the PO Template File

Creating a New PO File

Updating Existing PO Files

Editing PO Files

Emacs's PO File Editor

Using Translation Compendia

Manipulating PO Files

Highlighting parts of PO files

Producing Binary MO Files

The Programmer's View

About catgets

About gettext

Temporary Notes for the Programmers Chapter

The Translator's View


National Teams

The Maintainer's View

Files You Must Create or Alter

Autoconf macros for use in configure.ac

Integrating with CVS

Other Programming Languages

The Translator's View

Individual Programming Languages

sh - Shell Script


Internationalizable Data

Concluding Remarks

Language Codes