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Emms Manual

This is the Manual for the Emacs Multimedia System

Starting out 1. Introduction  Introduction to Emms. 2. Installation  How to install Emms on your System. 3. Simple Setup  Quick, basic default Emms setup. 4. Configuration  More detailed setup and configuration. 5. Quickstart Guide  First steps with EMMS for new users. 6. Getting Help  Where to get help with Emms and make suggestions.

Emms basics 7. Basic Commands  How to control Emms with ease. 8. The Core File  The inner core of Emms. 9. Sources  Sources for playlists-creation. 10. Simple Players  Some simple players. 11. Playlists  How Emms organizes media.

Advanced Features 12. Track Information  More narrative track descriptions. 13. Interactive Playlists  Interactive Playlists. 14. Markable Playlists  Allow tracks to be marked.

Modules and Extensions 16. The Browser  Advanced metadata browsing. 17. Sorting Playlists  Sorting the order of the tracks. 18. Editing Tracks  Editing track information from within Emms. 19. Emms Mode Line  Emms information on the mode line. 20. Music Player Daemon  Interface to Music Player Daemon. 24. Streaming Audio  Interface to streaming audio. 21. Lyrics  Displaying lyrics synchronously. 22. Volume  Changing the volume. 23. Last.fm  Interact with http://www.last.fm's services. 15. Extending Emms  How to define new players and modules.

Copying and license GNU General Public License  The GNU General Public License gives you permission to redistribute Emms on certain terms; it also explains that there is no warranty. 25. GNU Free Documentation License  The license for this documentation.

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