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1.7.1 Error Message for a Symbol Without a Function

When we evaluated fill-column to find its value as a variable, we did not place parentheses around the word. This is because we did not intend to use it as a function name.

If fill-column were the first or only element of a list, the Lisp interpreter would attempt to find the function definition attached to it. But fill-column has no function definition. Try evaluating this:


In GNU Emacs version 22, you will create a *Backtrace* buffer that says:

     ---------- Buffer: *Backtrace* ----------
     Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function fill-column)
     ---------- Buffer: *Backtrace* ----------

(Remember, to quit the debugger and make the debugger window go away, type q in the *Backtrace* buffer.)