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1. Overview

Dominion is a multi-player world simulation game. Each player is the leader of a nation, and makes decisions for that nation. The decisions are political, military, diplomatic and economic, and all are extremely important for the well-being of a nation. Some nations can be played by the computer. These nations are called CNs (Computer Nations). They play a challenging game, and are quite useful if few human players are available.

Dominion has features from fantasy role-playing games, educational games, and war games. A player needs to develop a character as the leader of a nation, keep a healthy economy, and develop a strong military force using magic or technology.

The dominion world is broken up into small areas called sectors. Each nation tries to occupy sectors and employ people in them. The nation's leader decides what the purpose of each sector should be, and what the people in the sector will produce.

All nation leaders possess a magical palantir which allows them to communicate with each other. Nations may send mail to each other, or post publicly readable articles to various newsgroups. Nations also receive mail from the dominion game itself informing them of events in their nation and the world.

Each leader must try to obtain the resources needed to run his nation, and use them wisely. The main resources are money, metal, and jewels. The unit of currency in Dominion is sheckles (abbreviated sk.) These resources can be spent for various things, such as building cities, drafting armies, or hiring mages to perform magic. In addition, resources can be invested in technological or magical research. This research will yield new technology which will improve your nation, and new magic spells and spirits will become available to your mages.

Most of the moves you make are not resolved until the end of a turn, when the update is run. This update will incorporate your changes into the world database, then it will update your economy, handle migration of people, resolve battles and conquest of land, and a few other things. You will receive mail informing you of what happened to your nation during the update. The time elapsed between updates is called a thon.

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