?i?????i???i??N?N???Ni?????? ??????Ni??N? ?i???i??????Ni????????Ni?? – ?i???i????.?i???i???i??.Ai?? ?i???i???i????Ni???i??Ni????Ni????N? ?i?????i???????? Ni???i??N?Ni????Ni?? (Laboratory of Particle Physics)

Tel 2-16-17-19

e-mail igor@hep.by


Main area of research: radiation hard particle detectors
Main publications

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Main results:

  1. Diamond detector with charge collection distance 187 mm is developed.
  2. Optic stand for crystal selection on the base of absorption spectra is created.
  3. Crystals with reduced nitrogen content are produced on the base of nitrogen getter technique, developed in collaboration with industry specialists.