The Fluctuation Theorem for Stochastic Systems

Дата и время публикации : 1999-01-25T05:19:01Z

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Debra J. Searles
Denis J. Evans

Ссылка на журнал-издание: Physical Review E, 60, 159-164 (1999)
Коментарии к cтатье: Minor changes; typos corrected; accepted by Physical Review E
Первичная категория: cond-mat.stat-mech

Все категории : cond-mat.stat-mech

Краткий обзор статьи: The Fluctuation Theorem describes the probability ratio of observing trajectories that satisfy or violate the second law of thermodynamics. It has been proved in a number of different ways for thermostatted deterministic nonequilibrium systems. In the present paper we show that the Fluctuation Theorem is also valid for a class of stochastic nonequilibrium systems. The Theorem is therefore not reliant on the reversibility or the determinism of the underlying dynamics. Numerical tests verify the theoretical result.

Category: Physics