Spin-glass model with partially annealed asymmetric bonds

Дата и время публикации : 1998-09-11T09:37:00Z

Авторы публикации и институты :
A. E. Allahverdyan
D. B. Saakian

Ссылка на журнал-издание: Phys. Rev. E 58 (1998) October
Коментарии к cтатье: 10 pages, latex
Первичная категория: cond-mat.dis-nn

Все категории : cond-mat.dis-nn

Краткий обзор статьи: We have considered the two-spin interaction spherical spin-glass model with asymmetric bonds (coupling constants). Besides the usual interactions between spins and bonds and between the spins and a thermostat with temperature $T_{sigma}$ there is also an additional factor: the bonds are not assumed random {it a priori} but interact with some other thermostat at the temperature $T_{J}$. We show that when the bonds are frozen with respect to the spins a first order phase transition to a spin-glass phase occurs, and the temperature of this transition tends to zero if $T_J$ is large. Our analytical results show that a spin-glass phase can exist in mean-field models with nonrelaxational dynamics.

Category: Physics