Directed percolation near a wall

Дата и время публикации : 1996-02-08T22:56:51Z

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J W Essam
A J Guttmann
I Jensen
D TanlaKishani

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Краткий обзор статьи: Series expansion methods are used to study directed bond percolation clusters on the square lattice whose lateral growth is restricted by a wall parallel to the growth direction. The percolation threshold $p_c$ is found to be the same as that for the bulk. However the values of the critical exponents for the percolation probability and mean cluster size are quite different from those for the bulk and are estimated by $beta_1 = 0.7338 pm 0.0001$ and $gamma_1 = 1.8207 pm 0.0004$ respectively. On the other hand the exponent $Delta_1=beta_1 +gamma_1$ characterising the scale of the cluster size distribution is found to be unchanged by the presence of the wall. The parallel connectedness length, which is the scale for the cluster length distribution, has an exponent which we estimate to be $nu_{1parallel} = 1.7337 pm 0.0004$ and is also unchanged. The exponent $tau_1$ of the mean cluster length is related to $beta_1$ and $nu_{1parallel}$ by the scaling relation $nu_{1parallel} = beta_1 + tau_1$ and using the above estimates yields $tau_1 = 1$ to within the accuracy of our results. We conjecture that this value of $tau_1$ is exact and further support for the conjecture is provided by the direct series expansion estimate $tau_1= 1.0002 pm 0.0003$.

Category: Physics