Notes on non-thermal X-ray radiation of radio supernova remnant W50 and collimated radiation of SS433

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A. A. Panferov
A. A. Kabanov

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Коментарии к cтатье: 3 pages, 1 figure, contribution to conference HEA-2008, Moscow, December, 2008
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Краткий обзор статьи: Diffuse X-ray emission of the radio nebula W50 along the line of the of jets of the microquasar SS433 has a non-thermal power law component. This could be the inverse-Compton scattered emission of the SS433 accretion disk funnel, which is collimated in a cone before the scattering off relativistic electrons – so called emission cone, hypothetical and invisible directly. This model would remove the synchrotron model problems of the X-ray emission: of acceleration of the emitting electrons to extreme Lorenz factors $gamma > 10^9$ in the mildly relativistic SS433 jets and morphological difference of W50 in the synchrotron radio and X-ray bands. Our study of the comptonization model showed up that in the case of the minimal factor $gamma_{rm min}$ of the order 1 the energy of the relativistic particles, which upscatter the cone photons, is close to or exceeds total energy of the nebula – the case of inapplicability of the model. In the case of $gamma_{rm min} > 10$ the cone emission is comptonized beyond the 1 – 10,keV band, consequently the existing observational data are non-sensitive to the emission cone.

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