Galactic PeV Neutrinos

Дата и время публикации : 2013-05-17T16:09:29Z

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Nayantara Gupta

Ссылка на журнал-издание: Astropart. Phys. 48 (2013) 75
Коментарии к cтатье: 5 pages, version to be published in Astroparticle Physics
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Краткий обзор статьи: IceCube experiment has detected two neutrinos with energies beween 1-10 PeV. They might have originated from Galactic or extragalactic sources of cosmic rays. In the present work we consider hadronic interactions of the diffuse very high energy cosmic rays with the interstellar matter within our Galaxy to explain the PeV neutrino events detected in IceCube. We also expect PeV gamma ray events along with the PeV neutrino events if the observed PeV neutrinos were produced within our Galaxy in hadronic interactions. PeV gamma rays are unlikely to reach us from sources outside our Galaxy due to pair production with cosmic background radiations. We suggest that in future with simultaneous detections of PeV gamma rays and neutrinos it would be possible to distinguish between Galactic and extragalactic origins of very high energy neutrinos.

Category: Physics