Fitting Methods for Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the Lyman-α Forest Fluctuations in BOSS Data Release 9

Дата и время публикации : 2013-01-15T19:16:32Z

Авторы публикации и институты :
David Kirkby
Daniel Margala
Anže Slosar
Stephen Bailey
Nicolás G. Busca
Timothée Delubac
James Rich
Michael Blomqvist
Joel R. Brownstein
Bill Carithers
Rupert A. C. Croft
Kyle S. Dawson
Andreu Font-Ribera
Jordi Miralda-Escudé
Adam D. Myers
Robert C. Nichol
Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille
Isabelle Pâris
Patrick Petitjean
Graziano Rossi
David J. Schlegel
Donald P. Schneider
Matteo Viel
David H. Weinberg
Christophe Yèche

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Коментарии к cтатье: Submitted to JCAP, 38 pages, 26 figures
Первичная категория: astro-ph.CO

Все категории : astro-ph.CO

Краткий обзор статьи: We describe fitting methods developed to analyze fluctuations in the Lyman-{alpha} forest and measure the parameters of baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO). We apply our methods to BOSS Data Release 9. Our method is based on models of the three-dimensional correlation function in physical coordinate space, and includes the effects of redshift-space distortions, anisotropic non-linear broadening, and broadband distortions. We allow for independent scale factors along and perpendicular to the line of sight to minimize the dependence on our assumed fiducial cosmology and to obtain separate measurements of the BAO angular and relative velocity scales. Our fitting software and the input files needed to reproduce our main BOSS Data Release 9 results are publicly available.

Category: Physics