Improved velocity law parameterization for hot star winds

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Jiri Krticka
Jiri Kubat

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?s?????�??N�?�N�???? ?? cN�?�N�N??�: 3 pages, 2 figures, accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
?Y?�N�????N�???�N? ???�N�?�????N�??N?: astro-ph.SR

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?sN�?�N�?????? ???�?�??N� N?N�?�N�N???: The velocity law of hot star winds is usually parameterized via the so-called beta velocity law. Although this parameterization stems from theoretical considerations, it is not the most accurate description of the wind velocity law that follows from hydrodynamical calculations. We show that the velocity profile of our hydrodynamical wind models is described much better by polynomial approximation. This approximation provides a better fit than the beta velocity law already for the same number of free parameters.

Category: Physics