Oscillations of Prominences Observed by MSDP and HSFA Telescopes

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Maciej ZapiA?r
Pavel KotrA?

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?sN�?�N�?????? ???�?�??N� N?N�?�N�N???: Results of an oscillation analysis of two solar quiescent prominences (QPs) observed with two quite different telescopes and spectrographs are presented. For the QP of 23 September 2009 we used data from the Multi-channel Subtractive Double Pass Spectrograph (MSDP) installed in Bia{l}k’ow Observatory which provides H{alpha} two dimensional spectra with a higher spatial resolution but with a smaller spectral resolution. The other QP was observed on 20 August 2010 with the Ondv{r}ejov Multichannel Spectrograph (HSFA-2) in 5 spectral lines and the slit-jaw imaging system simultaneously. Doppler velocity was analyzed in the both the QPs. In addition, using MSDP possibilities, for the QP of 23 September 2009 we analyzed also movements in the plane of sky. In both the QPs we found oscillations with a small amplitude (less than 0.3 km/s) and with a medium period (approx. a dozen of minutes) which occurred simultaneously. We discuss results reported by other authors.

Category: Physics