On the spherical-axial transition in supernova remnants

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L. Zaninetti

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?s?????�??N�?�N�???? ?? cN�?�N�N??�: 19 figures and 14 pages Accepted for publication in Astrophysics & Space Science in the year 2011
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?�N??� ???�N�?�????N�???? : astro-ph.GA

?sN�?�N�?????? ???�?�??N� N?N�?�N�N???: A new law of motion for supernova remnant (SNR) which introduces the quantity of swept matter in the thin layer approximation is introduced. This new law of motion is tested on 10 years observations of SN1993J. The introduction of an exponential gradient in the surrounding medium allows to model an aspherical expansion. A weakly asymmetric SNR, SN1006, and a strongly asymmetric SNR, SN1987a, are modeled. In the case of SN1987a the three observed rings are simulated.

Category: Physics