The 155-day periodicity of the sunspot area fluctuations in the solar cycle 16 is an alias

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Ryszarda Getko

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Краткий обзор статьи: The short-term periodicities of the daily sunspot area fluctuations from August 1923 to October 1933 are discussed. For these data the correlative analysis indicates negative correlation for the periodicity of about 155 days, but the power spectrum analysis indicates a statistically significant peak in this time interval. A new method of the diagnosis of an echo-effect in spectrum is proposed and it is stated that the 155-day periodicity is a harmonic of the periodicities from the interval of [400,500] days. The autocorrelation functions for the daily sunspot area fluctuations and for the fluctuations of the one rotation time interval in the northern hemisphere, separately for the whole solar cycle 16 and for the maximum activity period of this cycle do not show differences, especially in the interval of [57, 173] days. It proves against the thesis of the existence of strong positive fluctuations of the about 155-day interval in the maximum activity period of the solar cycle 16 in the northern hemisphere. However, a similar analysis for data from the southern hemisphere indicates that there is the periodicity of about 155 days in sunspot area data in the maximum activity period of the cycle 16 only.

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