Reverberation Mapping and the Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei

Дата и время публикации : 1997-06-04T16:10:56Z

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Hagai Netzer (Wise Observatory)
Bradley M. Peterson (Ohio State University)

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Коментарии к статье: Review article to appear in Astronomical Time Series, Proceedings of the Wise Observatory 25th Ann. Symposium. 24 pages including 7 figures
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Краткий обзор статьи: Reverberation-mapping campaigns have revolutionized our understanding of AGN. They have allowed the direct determination of the broad-line region size, enabled mapping of the gas distribution around the central black hole, and are starting to resolve the continuum source structure. This review describes the recent and successful campaigns of the International AGN Watch consortium, outlines the theoretical background of reverberation mapping and the calculation of transfer functions, and addresses the fundamental difficulties of such experiments. It shows that such large-scale experiments have resulted in a “new BLR” which is considerably different from the one we knew just ten years ago. We discuss in some detail the more important new results, including the luminosity-size-mass relationship for AGN, and suggest ways to proceed in the near future.

Category: Physics