NCHEP in Atlas collaboration

is 260 fingers, the weight of one finger is 210 kg. The order was placed at MZOR finally.

Currently production of absorbers (plates made of M1 copper) of electromagnetic liquid argon calorimeter (LAr-Calorimeter) of Atlas detector is going on at MZOR. New high presision technology of processing of large copper details was developed for this purpose by MZOR technologists in collaboration with JINR specialists and scientists of our laboratory. For example, the thickness of the plate should have toleranse of 0.05mm at the nominal value of 25mm and dimensions 1650x350mm2. The first set of absorbers (25 pieces, the total weight 2020 kg) is already fabricated and delivered to JINR.

Following tasks are being performed by members of the Atlas-group as a proposal for physical research program of Atlas detector. The program package ATLFAST, representing mathematical model of the Atlas detector, is installed on computers of NC PHEP. It is planned to study the process of creation and registration of single W-bosons in Atlas detector with help of ATLFAST. The purpose of this study is to check theoretical predictions on special role of radiative corrections in this process.

Computation of 3-dimensional differential section of inclusive process of 2-photon creation of lepton pairs in proton-proton interactions is performed. Interest to this process caused by two reasons: first, its differential section increases with increase of energy, and second, it’s supposed that it can be used for monitoring of intensiveness of collisions (luminosity) of oncoming beams of LHC.

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