NCHEP in Atlas collaboration

goods to Dubna and Protvino (Russia), Prague (Czechia) and Pisa (Italy).

In 1999-2000 the mentioned group provided transportation of 21-ton autonome modules of Tile-Calorimeter, assembled in JINR, on the route Dubna-Geneva.
In collaboration with colleagues from Scientific Research Department of the Byelarussian State University the fixture set for assembly work-bench for Muon Spectrometer wire chambers was produced and delivered to JINR. The set consists of 1440 cilinders of three dimension-types with complex profile configuration. The distinctive feature of that job was the high requiremet to dimension tolerances, 5m.

In collaboration with colleagues from JINR, Scientific Research Department of the Byelarussian State University and designers of Minsk Machine-Tool Plant of October Revolution (MZOR) the draft project of certification system for wire chambers of Muon Spectrometer (mobile manipulator and worck-bench) was designed. Manipulator serves for chanber transportation (its dimensions are 3200x2160x500 mm3, the weight is about 300 kg) from assembly table to work-bench, and from work-bench to storehouse. Work-bench consists of equipment (including the system for read-out and processing of signals from chambers) providing regular function of three chambers – the one certified and two reference chambers. The certification procedure consists in precious (with tolerance down to 20 m) evaluation of the signal wire position for every drift tube in the chamber plane. “Translucence” of the chamber set by linear tracks should be done by means of high energy cosmic muons.

In 2000 large volume of management tasks (looking for cost-effective producer, provider of steel blanks, transportation service provider) to provide production of the batch of magnetic cores (fingers) of Tile-Calorimeter was performed. The batch volume

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